Secret Moshlings

These are secret moshlings available to members only

Blingo (Super Rare)

You need to plant Hip Hob Hibiscus, Any Seed, Any Seed
To get Hip Hop Hibiscus you are supposed to buy the book “busters lost moshlings” to get a unique code, but try these codes first as they often work!

Hip Hop Hibiscus = Code 1: H6FJNA9D8Y9W Code 2: RWL5854306W0

Dustbin Beaver (Super Rare)   — Not Released Yet —

Lady GooGoo (Rare) Super Moshi Mission 1 Reward

Roxy (Super Rare) Radiant Roxy Rose, Any Flower, Any Flower.
To obtain the Radiant Roxy Rose use the code: HOBBIDIDANCE


8 thoughts on “Secret Moshlings

  1. dustbin beaver has been released my brother even has him all u do is subsucribe to the moshi monsters mag for the details

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