Spookie moshlings are available to both members and non members

Big Bad Bill ‘the Woolly Blue Hoodoo’ (Ultra rare)

Woolly Blue Hoodoos are wise, old Moshlings who know everything about lotions, potions, hexes and spells.

Blue star blossom + Yellow love berry + Black star blossom

Ecto  ‘the Fancy Banshee’ (Rare)

Fancy Banshees are quiet friendly.

Any hot silly pepper + Red love berry + Black love berry

Kissy  ‘the Baby Ghost’ (Uncommon)

It’s hard to be scary when you’re as cute as a Baby Ghost.

Any star blossom + Any magic bean + Purple star blossom

Squidge ‘the Furry Heebee’ (Common)

A Furry Heebees bite is worse than it’s bark.

Any hot silly pepper + Any star blossom + Any dragon fruit