Spookie moshlings are available to both members and non members

Big Bad Bill ‘the Woolly Blue Hoodoo’ (Ultra rare)

Woolly Blue Hoodoos are wise, old Moshlings who know everything about lotions, potions, hexes and spells.

Blue star blossom + Yellow love berry + Black star blossom

Ecto  ‘the Fancy Banshee’ (Rare)

Fancy Banshees are quiet friendly.

Any hot silly pepper + Red love berry + Black love berry

Kissy  ‘the Baby Ghost’ (Uncommon)

It’s hard to be scary when you’re as cute as a Baby Ghost.

Any star blossom + Any magic bean + Purple star blossom

Squidge ‘the Furry Heebee’ (Common)

A Furry Heebees bite is worse than it’s bark.

Any hot silly pepper + Any star blossom + Any dragon fruit


Techie moshlings

All of the Techie moshlings are members only.

Nipper #108 (rare)

Nipper has been announced but you can’t get him yet.

Wurley #105 (ultra rare)

Super moshi mission 3 called: Strange glove from above (Reward)

Holga #45  (ultra rare)

Super moshi mission 5 called: Pop goes the goo goo (Reward)

Gabby #25 (rare)        Gabby has been announced but you can’t get him yet.

Secret Moshlings

These are secret moshlings available to members only

Blingo (Super Rare)

You need to plant Hip Hob Hibiscus, Any Seed, Any Seed
To get Hip Hop Hibiscus you are supposed to buy the book “busters lost moshlings” to get a unique code, but try these codes first as they often work!

Hip Hop Hibiscus = Code 1: H6FJNA9D8Y9W Code 2: RWL5854306W0

Dustbin Beaver (Super Rare)   — Not Released Yet —

Lady GooGoo (Rare) Super Moshi Mission 1 Reward

Roxy (Super Rare) Radiant Roxy Rose, Any Flower, Any Flower.
To obtain the Radiant Roxy Rose use the code: HOBBIDIDANCE

Puppie Moshlings

This is a mixed set containing Moshlings available to both non-members and members, and Moshlings that are available only to members.  Fifi is available to non-members as well as members, but the other 3 are members only.

Fifi (Common)

Any Dragon Fruit, Any Hot Silly Pepper, Any Magic Bean.

McNulty (Uncommon)

Any Snap Apple x2, Purple Star Blossom.

Scamp (Ultra Rare)

Black Snap Apple, Pink Dragon Fruit, Blue Moon Orchid.

White Fang (Rare)

Red Magic Bean, Red Moon Orchid, Any Crazy Daisy.


This is a mixed set containing Moshlings available to both non-members and members, Priscilla is only available only to members, the other 3 are available to both members and non-members.

Angel (Common)

Any Hot Silly Pepper, Any Magic Bean, Any Hot Silly Pepper.

Gigi (Ultra Rare)

Blue Hot Silly Pepper, Red Moon Orchid, Yellow Hot Silly Pepper.

Mr. Snoodle (Rare)

Yellow Dragon Fruit, Purple Hot Silly Pepper, Any Hot Silly Pepper.


Priscilla (Uncommon)

Any Moon Orchid x2, Yellow Snap Apple


Noisie moshlings

Noisie Moshlings

This is one of the newest sets to be added to the game, and at the present time the only Moshling to be identified so far is Cherry Bomb and is a member-only Moshling.  The other three Moshlings for this set have yet to be identified nor the method for obtaining them.

Cherry Bomb (Rare) You just do the Super Moshi Mission 4 and this is your reward. (No seeds)


Kittie Moshlings

All four Moshlings in this set are available to both non-members and members.

Gingersnap (Common)

Magic Beans, Love Berries, Hot Silly Pepper.

Lady Meowford (Uncommon)

Blue Moon Orchid, Any Moon Orchid, Any Star Blossom.

Purdy (Common)

Any Dragon Fruit, Any Moon Orchid, Any Dragon Orchid.

Waldo (Rare)

Any Dragon Fruit Pink Love Berries Red Star Blossom